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Trojan Pulls Back the Sheets on Sexy Tech Winner


With this effort for Trojan, Edelman and Church & Dwight were able to demonstrate how “insight and creativity can turn a taboo topic into table talk,” one judge said. The campaign’s goal was to position Trojan in a new way to consumers by putting pleasure first and focusing on how the design and science of its products enhance sexual experiences. Tasked with launching the new Trojan Vibrations and Trojan BareSkin lines and promoting Trojan Ecstasy Fire & Ice, Edelman chose an unusual event, the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011, to showcase some of the products. During the event, Trojan scientists laid out its vibrators for all to see, explaining the technology of the devices to media outlets and eventgoers. “Trojan stole the show,” said one judge. Six months after the event, Trojan Vibrators were available in stores. In order to promote the new line, Edelman and the company went on a Trojan Vibrations Truck Tour. Videos of consumer experiences with the tour went up on Facebook and other social media outlets. At the end of the campaign, Trojan Vibrations grew 11.5 share points year over year, a 38% increase, and BareSkin contributed to a 5% increase in Trojan sales compared to the prior year. Trojan Ecstasy & Fire also grew to a 14.5% share. The initiative drove a significant amount of consumer awareness as well, earning more than 1,000 tweets and 100-plus consumer videos and testimonials about the Truck Tour. Trojan also garnered more than 500 million media impressions, while the Trojan website saw an uptick of nearly 170,000 visitors during the Truck Tour. Edelman and Trojan “hit a home run,” one judge said.






Church & Dwight/Trojan Brand Sexual Health Products

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