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Thinking Outside of the (JAM) BOX: How OutCast Took Jawbone – a Company Known for Bluetooth Headsets – to Become a Must-Know Mobile Lifestyle Company with the #1 Selling Speaker at Apple Stores Winner

In 2010, Bluetooth headset company Jawbone set its sights on becoming the top mobile lifestyle brand. It called on The OutCast Agency to launch its new portable wireless speaker, JAMBOX, and bring it to the top of the charts by the holiday season. Jawbone wanted people to see it not just as a headset company, but also a hip brand that makes killer products for the mobile lifestyle. Focusing outreach on four target groups – trendsetters, influencers, music lovers, and tech geeks – OutCast devised a plan that within two weeks enabled JAMBOX to net the top-selling speaker spot at Apple stores. The agency was able to transition Jawbone into a well-known lifestyle brand by getting people to see it differently, reinforcing the company as a developer of innovative technology and sophisticated design, and focusing messaging around the product’s benefits rather than its features. The plan involved allowing influencers to test products before launch, seeding 200 of the top tech, celebrity, and music-loving influencers with the product, and working to get consumers buzzing about it. In addition to collaborating with Netflix for a Twitter campaign, the firm later promoted a music video about JAMBOX that secured 120,000-plus views. OutCast’s efforts helped Jawbone become the largest venture-backed consumer electronics company in the world, securing $120 million in funding after JAMBOX launched. “The campaign was highly creative and got strong business results,” one judge said. “Those results represented a wide range of things, from partnerships to media,” another judge added.



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