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Sarah Corder Winner

The increasing importance of analytics has been well documented. In a campaign that exuded creativity and sound ideas, Liberty University’s Sarah Corder’s use of research and consistency in linking back to the initiative’s main theme helped her stand out among an impressive quintet of finalists to earn this accolade. Charged with devising an initiative for Flight Airlines – a fictional air carrier – that leveraged its sponsorship of the 2016 Summer Olympics to appeal to frequent flyers, Corder’s Go With Flight campaign effectively linked the national pride people feel when watching the Olympic Games with the sentiment travelers should feel with the airline they use. A combination of primary and secondary research clearly helped her craft her program. “Corder’s creativity was apparent,” noted one judge, “but the manner in which research informed every element of her campaign was something every PR pro should emulate.” To effectively highlight the Olympic connection, she revamped the airline’s frequent flyer program to consist of three different levels of membership – bronze, silver, and gold – based on miles flown. Flyers were incentivized with the potential to go to Brazil for the games at the airline’s expense. Furthermore, the CSR element in Corder’s effort caught the judges’ attention. To reduce its carbon footprint, the airline would plant one tree in a Brazilian rainforest for every 100 miles flown in June and July 2016. Moreover, she excelled during her journalist pitch, presenting viable news hooks and researching both the outlet and reporter to whom she spoke. “In every element of this task,” explained one judge, “Sarah displayed poise and professionalism well beyond her years.”


Liberty University

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