Past Winners

Ketchum Winner

This year’s large agency bragging rights go to Ketchum, which retained all of its top 50 clients in the last year while also aggressively pursuing – and winning – new business. “A banner year,” noted a judge. Long-term clients such as Roche, IBM, Hyundai, and Mattel remained on its roster. Kimberly-Clark’s Family Care brands, which had worked with Ketchum since 2001, also retained the agency after a competitive review. Client testimonials note its “consistent client service” and ability to “exceed all expectations.” New wins this year include Procter & Gamble’s Gillette brand, DoubleTree, Oakley, Adecco, Weight Watchers, and Sanofi-Aventis. “Impressive new business wins and retention of current clients,” commented one judge. The agency’s internal initiatives to foster more creativity, keep staff abreast of digital technologies, and improve client service also wowed judges. For example, Ketchum introduced an internal motto of “boundless creativity” as a way to break down geographic and mental boundaries and engage its employees and clients in the creation of great new ideas. It leveraged internal and external technologies, such as Passion Panels, a searchable employee database of hobbies and interests, to make those goals a reality. An employee continuing education program, Ketchum University, delivered more than 13,000 hours of training to its staff, while employee retention sits at 83%. “‘Boundless creativity’ helps produce brilliant ideas,” stated one judge. “Great innovation in the use of social media and technology tools,” said another. The agency makes sure to share its success through pro bono work and philanthropic efforts, including its work with Room to Read to advance the cause of literacy and even a team fundraising hike up the famed Mount Kilimanjaro.



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