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From Headlines to the Boardroom: Deloitte Captures the Health Reform Market Winner

With a common goal to become the leading firm with top source knowledge on health reform in the media, Deloitte’s PR team collaborated with Hill+Knowlton Strategies to become the “go-to” source by implementing a strategic media relations campaign through thought leadership and breaking news commentary. The team helped secure Deloitte as the market leader within the media, producing an exceptional revenue growth for the firm. The 2010 enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act resulted in Deloitte’s increased FY 2011 PR agency budget to focus the health reform campaign on top-tier and industry media. Deloitte also leveraged its own media vehicles, the Deloitte Health Twitter account, a health reform video, and the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions weekly Monday Memo to generate vast media coverage. This positioned the company as a trusted source of health reform to “help clients make smart first steps.” By launching specific triggers throughout the campaign, Deloitte responded to health reform with its Consumer Pulse Survey, Hidden Costs of Health Care report, and Comparative Effectiveness brief. The success more than doubled its media voice in comparison to Deloitte’s closest rival, achieving its number one ranking on the topic of health reform. The company’s media coverage also rose from 11.6 million impressions in FY 2005 to 543 million in FY 2011. It resulted in Deloitte being named the number one global healthcare consulting practice in all four sectors – life sciences, payer, provider, and government health – by analyst Kennedy. “A great effort that truly drove business objectives,” noted one judge. “It took a difficult topic where Deloitte wasn’t even on the map and made them credible thought leaders, while driving revenue, market shares, and public relevancy.” Another judge called it “a role-model campaign for using PR to drive business results.”


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