Past Winners

Expanding Main Street: Chase's Mission: Small Business with LivingSocial Winner

Chase wanted to do more to help make the dreams of small businesses a reality. Through the “Chase’s Mission: Small Business with LivingSocial” program, the bank aimed to aid small business owners by educating them about using social media to reach communities. A major objective was differentiating itself from American Express’ popular “Small Business Saturday” initiative. Its solution: go beyond just one day with an ongoing grant program that improves the prospects of small businesses for the long term by awarding 12 small business owners $250,000 each. Working with Ketchum, Chase targeted two audiences: small businesses with fewer than 100 employees and college-educated consumers aged 25 to 49. In addition, they also reached out to influencers of those two groups that both shop locally and tell their friends about it. To show small business influencers how social media could help them, the financial institution brought on Sprinkles Cupcakes owner Candace Nelson to share her tips for growing a business through local media and branded social media. It also worked to educate small business associations and to arm them with marketing tools and branded, customizable content. In less than two months, the campaign exceeded goals by encouraging more than 69,000 small business owners to apply for the grants and driving more than 2.1 million unique visitors to in June. By September 28, 2012, the effort also generated more than 441 million organic monthly media impressions, surpassing its original goal by more than 200%. Moreover, positive news coverage was spurred in nearly three-dozen top-tier media outlets that are read by small business owners. One judge “loved the creative that led to great campaign ideas,” adding that it earned “tangible results that demonstrated business impact.” Another called it an “impressive, comprehensive campaign with outstanding results.”