Past Winners

The Bridge: Holistic Engagement Studios Winner

In order to provide clients with comprehensive, realtime engagement with stakeholders, GolinHarris built The Bridge, a network of 24/7 virtual newsrooms in its offices around the world, serving as each outpost’s nerve center. While planning The Bridge, Golin studied basic listening centers and production studios to inform the development. A blueprint including software and hardware standards, staffing models, and daily activities was created with adaptability for each office to ensure agency wide continuity. Three pilot test centers were established in London, New York, and San Francisco, each manned by a team of specialists including campaign managers, media pros, and digital experts. Select clients and marketing industry leaders took private tours and gave feedback on The Bridge’s ability to provide five key deliverables in real time, namely on-target placement, online and off; hyper-relevant content for brand-owned channels; brand infusion in conversation cycles; real-time business insights based on news and conversation trends; and 24/7 relationship building. Golin revamped its social media strategy to focus on specific forms of communication, including a new methodology for planned stories and a reactive process for seizing short term opportunities. Using The Bridge, the firm found a Dateline NBC report on bullying and advised its client Playtex to get involved for its anti-bullying campaign “Be Unstoppable.” The Bridge also helped Golin notice an opportunity for Dow, a major sponsor of 2011 International Year of Chemistry, to link itself with President Obama’s award of National Teacher of the Year to a chemistry teacher. This step resulted in a US News & World Report feature and a Today segment. “A very forward-thinking way to keep clients in front of news and information,” said one judge about The Bridge.



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