PRWeek Awards 2015 is open for entries!

Now entering its 16th year, the PRWeek Awards are firmly established as the highest accolade in the communications industry. They celebrate the best of the best corporate, agency, nonprofit, and education teams, and the work they produced during the entry period. Only 35 trophies are awarded each year, so each one is truly special - and the competition to claim them is intense.

The entry process has evolved to where all materials are now submitted digitally. We’ve done away with the bulky binders and physical materials to streamline the process for entrants and judges alike.

A key reason the PRWeek Awards has achieved such lofty industry status is the unrivaled judging panel assembled each year. It comprises the most senior professionals from the agency, corporate, nonprofit, education, and government ranks. These top practitioners gather voluntarily, donating their valuable time to assess each submission in detail and ensure the process is completely fair, thorough, and impartial.

The The passion and commitment our judges display not only reinforces the value of the PRWeek Awards, it also reassures everyone who enters that a victory in any category will be among their proudest professional moments.

Over the years, judges have highlighted certain criteria they deem imperative for a successful entry - one that stands out among a group of excellent submissions. They include:

  • Focus on results that matter. Bottom-line impact. Notable changes to stakeholder behavior.  Operational outcomes that move the needle. Media impressions, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers are not enough to impress the judges.
  • Brevity goes a long way. PRWeek Awards judges review numerous entries, so they appreciate succinct language. Moreover, our esteemed arbiters will see right through hyperbole that often masks a less-than-stellar entry.
  • Money talks. All of our judges hold senior-level posts, so they do understand the desire to not reveal certain details. However, that is not a reason to allow your budgets to be among those hidden factors. Judges need to know this because it allows entities and campaigns of varying sizes to be compared effectively. Your budget underscores the conditions under which a submitted campaign was executed. And in the case of Agency of the Year categories, the more detail shared about annual revenues, the better. Respect of confidentiality is paramount to both PRWeek and our Awards judges. Being as specific as possible about this makes a difference.


A PRWeek Award is a unique symbol of excellence and leadership. It immediately sets victors apart from all others. However, the only way to win one is to enter. Enter today!

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